Building Environmentally Friendly Models

Even though environmental modeling might be considered a niche application and your business may not involve anything remotely related to farming or agriculture, we believe our modeling approach is useful in demonstrating how an interactive simulation model can be used to improve collaboration and decision making.

Ensuring a Sustainable Future

Based on climate simulations we know that global warming is caused by human
activities that produce greenhouse gas emissions (mostly CO2). Figure 1 shows the results of climate simulations for a “business as usual” scenario, and for the case when the greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced. The validation of the models was the historical climate data set. Based on the validated models we know that the warming-up process will not slow down if we don’t reduce our CO2 emissions or extract enormous
amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Become an Eco-Warrior through simulation

Workshop presented by Clemens Dempers. The circular economy, lifestyle impact on global warming and reduing one’s carbon footprint are not only very topical issues, but also very important for the future of our civilization.

Open Bioeconomy Week

We were honoured to speak at the Open Bioeconomy week on Tue 29th of September 2020 on Scientific Day. Below is the program of the day:

Tue 29th of Sept – Scientific Day

Nordic Circular Summit

The Nordic Circular Summit is a two-day event hosted by Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Innovation, with a mission to explore the tremendous circular opportunities that the region has to offer. The 2020 summit was spread over 10 different sessions—with topics including circular cities, ocean solutions, fashion and furniture, finance, energy, the food sector, manufacturing and more.